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About the Artist

Ahmed Laarissa was born and raised in Morocco. When he was very young, he began learning the traditional style of Morrocan painting called Zouaq. Ahmed developed his artistic talent as he travelled the world and he has since mastered this art form.  Over the years as a Zouaq artist, he has painted palaces for the Morrocan King Hassan II, as well as for the 1992 Expo in Seville, Spain. Ahmed brings his unique style of Zouaq art to Canada where he now lives.

Ahmed accepts commissions for indoor and outdoor spaces, furniture, etc. Zouaq can be painted on almost any surface including glass, tile and wood. The designs are tailored to meet the client's requests - this may be a preference for simple or detailed patterns, or a specific colour selection.


About Zouaq

Zouaq is a decorative style of painting which originates from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. The geometric patterns include natural elements such as leaves, flowers and intertwined vines. Zouaq is traditionally found on walls, ceilings, cupboards, tables and other wooden furniture. Zouaq art is handpainted using a very special brush.